Because She Is, I Am.

Capturing the unique bond and beauty of Mothers & Daughters. We are because they are.

Black Woman with Baby
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Because She Is Mine, I Am Better. Because I Am flawed, She Is Perfection
— Nicole G.
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Because I Am Thoughtful, She Is Great. Because She Is Awesome, I Am Proud.
— Donna P.
Because She Is A Mom Who Loved Me Dearly, was always there for me, guided and protected me, I Am Well Blessed As She Smiles Down On Me From Heaven.
Because I Am Adorned With A Sweet, Smart and Wonderful Grand-Daughter, She Is Loved So Much!
— Sharon D.
Because She Is A Warrior, I Am Fearless. Because I Am Inquisitive, She Is Inquisitive.
— Melanie Y.
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Because I Am Strong and Proud, She Is Phenomenal. Because She is Here, I Am Better.
— Diayle D.
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Because I Am Determined, She Is Fearless
— Carrie R.
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Because I Am Gentle, She Is Strong.
— Carrie R.
Because I Am Whole, She Is Resilient.
— Carrie R.