Why I Started My Photography Business

I started my photography business with one goal in mind; to capture the natural beauty that already exists on film.

Two Little Black Girls Running and Playing

I believe in people recognizing their own beauty their own way and I love to aide them to believe that they, too, are Beautiful.

I spent most of my life believing that I was not beautiful, and it breaks my heart to know that many feel/felt the same.

Black Girl in The Shower

If I can help people see just how beautiful they are, one photo at a time, that means more to me than anything.

Whit Man Standing in the Snow in Chinatown

I do this to see a client smile, cry, for their face to light up and say

"Is that me"?
"Look at us!"


Black Man At Botanical Gardens

Yes that IS you.
Look AT you.
It's not "camera magic".
You are a Wonder.

Marie Louise Smiling for a Picture

I first named my Photography Company "Full Well Photography" Because I wanted people to know FULL WELL that they are loved, to reinforce that they are important, and to show them that there is not one "type" that is "Beautiful".

Woman Singing on The Street In Washington DC

God is such a dope artist. He provides so much variety and they all are equally beautiful.

Black Girl Smiling at Blind Whino Washington D.C.

So please remember,
There is room for your beauty.

Black Man Laying in Bed