Colorful Washington, D.C. Portrait Photography: Canden Webb

Black Woman at The Blind Whino in Washington, D.C.

Hanging around Canden is always a great time. This fun and colorful photo session did not disappoint.

Black Girl at The Blind Whino

During this photo shoot, we got to play with multiple colors and multiple looks. I definitely believe this shoot reflected her colorful personality.


Black Woman Washington D.C. Blind Whino
Black Woman Portrait Washington, D.C. Blind Whino

The Blind Whino in SW D.C. is such an awesome place to take portraits. There are so many colors to work with to create some great images.


Black Woman With Flowers in Her Hair

Canden was so down for creating some awesome images. She was even up for laying in the grass to get these awesome images.

Black Woman Laying in Grass
Black Woman Laying in The Grass with Flowers in Her Hair

This day that we shot, was incredibly hot! The mosquitoes were biting us up to no end, but we muscled through, and Canden killed her shots!


Black Girl Laughing Washington D.C.
Black Girl Sitting on Steps On Yellow
Black woman Portrait Washington, D.C.

The colors, the building, the muse...All of these components came together for some amazing images.

Black Woman Sitting On Ledge
Black Woman Portrait The Blind Whino Washington, D.C.

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