Colorful Washington, D.C. Portrait Photography: Canden Webb

Hanging around Canden is always a great time. This fun and colorful photo session did not disappoint.

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The Free Black Woman - Intro

“The Angry Black Woman”

Solange said it best, “You got the right to be mad…”

The thing is, in a moment I can be angry, I am black and I am a woman. I am learning that I need not to be apologetic about any parts of who I am in any given moment, but when I am placed in the right situation where I may be the only black woman (be it in class, at my job or out with certain social groups), I find myself keeping quiet or making apologies for feeling honestly.

Often times I have to try to avoid being labeled “The Angry Black Woman”. I find myself lying or muting my truth to do so, when the reality is that there are so many things going on right now globally, nationally and personally that I am angry about. And yes, in those moments I am angry. I am black. I am a woman.

None of those descriptions evoke a sense of shame or embarrassment when used alone, but somehow when they are melded together, they have the ability to silence opinions, cause others to scoff and completely discredit my feelings and takes on life altogether.

As I said, in a moment, I can be angry, I am Black and I am a woman, but I am so many other things. The only thing that is constant is that I am a child of God, I am forgiven and I am Loved. Beyond that, I am free to be anything that I choose to be.

I am a Free Black Woman, and I am free to be LOVED, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, and yes, I am even free to be ANGRY. The Black Woman is not your stereotype that you have been taught for her to be. She is so much more than what you contrive her to be in your mind, and she has the right to choose to be.

This is how the idea for “The Free Black Woman” was given to me. Black women are so multifaceted, so deep, and so beautifully unique. No two Black women are the same. Each has their own journey, their own experiences, beliefs, ideas, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and opinions. Yet so many of us feel the need to shrink ourselves into bite sized pieces so that the World can “handle” us— “tolerate” us… No!

I should not have to make myself small for you. None of us should. Open your mind and understand that the Black Woman is free to define herself for herself, by herself. We don’t need your permission.

My goal is to show the World just how diverse, exceptional, proud and beautiful every kind of Black Woman is. My goal is to capture and give a voice to #100FreeBlackWomen.

So as a free black woman, come as you are, share your voice and your beauty by being a part of this ongoing photo project. Let’s show the World the many faces of The Free Black Woman.

If you are in the DC area and are interested in Participating, click this link  or the photo below to sign up for June 23rd. This will be ongoing, so if you cannot make it to this meeting, there will be many others and in other locations, as well.



Sign Up By clicking the photo above!

Sign Up By clicking the photo above!