"The Portfolio": 9 Easy Ways to Build Your Photography Portfolio From Scratch - FREE EBOOK

Hey everyone!

Do you want to start making money from your art by taking on photography clients, but don’t know the first thing about putting a portfolio together to attract your dream clients?

From planning your shoots, carrying them out and putting together a stellar portfolio, I have put together an easy to follow, 9 step guide for photographers at any level.

From the beginner with not much work or experience, to the much more seasoned photographer, I show you the easy way to build the portfolio that attracts your dream clients.

Are you ready to build a professional portfolio? Get this book to build the lucrative career that you love.

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I provide step by step instructions to help you get the clients you need. Included

  • Picking a Genre

  • Planning your shoot from start to finish

  • Actually Shooting Steps

  • Getting your images in front of your ideal clients

  • And much more…

This book is for absolute beginners and those starting over again.

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